We were happy to create a trailer for the short film ‘Shakes’ directed by our friend Tom Childs who has been a valued member or our extended production team, filming much of our content for our valued entertainment clients.

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Fadia’s Tree Amnesty International Award

Fadia’s Tree’ was chosen for the Amnesty International Award for Best Feature Film at the Donostia – San Sebastián Human Rights Film Festival. Directed by visual artist Sarah Beddington, Fadia’s Tree is a documentary about a Palestinian woman in a refugee camp in Lebanon who yearns for the ancestral homeland she’s denied in stark contrast to the millions of birds that migrate freely in the skies. She sets a challenge to the director to find an ancient tree that stands as witness to her family’s existence. With only inherited memories, a sightless man and a two-headed dragon as guides, this is no easy quest.
This story of a 15-year friendship that stays connected across a divided land and a fragmented people, adopts the aerial perspective of migratory birds to reflect on freedom of movement, exile and the hope of return.

GVFilm worked closely with the director and Over The Fence Films to craft the trailer for festivals and beyond to spread Fadia’s story to the wider world.

Birds Like Us

Official International Distribution Trailer for Kaleidoscope Film Distribution. Script, edit, graphics and mix by GV Film Limited. 5.1 deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.


We have been working on a number of ‘in production’ titles, providing trailer, teaser and sales assets for Kaleidoscope Film Distribution across a number of film festivals in 2021 / 2022. We are delighted that Kingslayer has the opportunity to be seen by a wide audience.

UK director Stuart Brennan’s medieval action-adventure Kingslayer has sold to Shout! Studios for North America following a deal with Kaleidoscope Film Distribution at the European Film Market.

The all-rights deal includes a theatrical release, expected for the third quarter of 2022.

Kingslayer follows Richard the Lionheart, days away from his coronation, as he struggles with threats to his leadership and a looming civil war. Ryan GageDavid HaymanJohn Rhys-DaviesCarolina Carlsson and Ellie Rose-Mackinlay star.

New Debate Company Trailer

When media company New Debate Inc needed a company trailer to introduce the concept of their company, they turned to GV Film to bring our narrative skill to the project.
There is much more in the pipeline from New Debate Inc, and their balanced attitude to media has never been needed more.

Unbound: Worlds Apart Release Trailer

Trailer re-brand for Digerati Games.
Unbound: Worlds Apart is a challenging, atmospheric and hand-drawn puzzle-platformer set in a universe where all worlds are connected by portals. You control Soli, a gifted young mage who has the power to open portals and control the unique properties of each world – such as inverse gravity, time manipulation, super strength and more.
GVFilm provided censor, branding and platform delivery services.