Love Dodoma

For MC Film Production / Elle Mason / Motion Art Production, GV Film have recently edited the offical distribution trailer for this sunny romantic comedy.

In the Blue-green water Island at Mafia, Tanzania, the story of true love begins. Malick and Dodoma are dedicated Islanders who believe true love is a gift. This is a story about soulmates who elude the chance of being together. Dodoma, an established attorney, her career is taking off while her love life is sinking. Malick, the village’s favourite son and the sole doctor on Island, is deeply in love with Dodoma from childhood. Malick had her love once and lost it. Timing is everything yet these two lovebirds keep missing it. When Dodoma is single, Malick is dating Dr. Sherry, whilst sharing love letters with Dodoma to keep their affectionate connection alive.

Coming to a cinema in 2024!



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