GVFilm have transposed their editing craft to the gaming industry, providing trailers, promotional videos and digital retail specific formatting to independent game developers and distributors.

We have worked with companies such as Digerati, Digital Uppercut, Big Sugar and GamesYouLoved to:

Write, edit and produce high quality trailers in the correct formats for official Playstation, Nintendo Switch and XBox digital stores, Youtube Channels and social media.

Create promotional videos for games still under development.

Or trailers highlighting specific technical attributes such as XBox Mixer.

Design and produce idents and online content.

The technical and contextual requirements for gaming content is equal to – or often higher than broadcast and Theatrical. 

Trailers need to observe the requirements of ESRB and PEGI, legal specifications such as music and voice-over licensing and technical formatting and legal lines for retail platforms.

A single game available on a variety of systems and digital retail platforms can need a multitude of trailers with not just end – cards changed but often content and reviews that are system and / or retail platform specific.