• Icons of film

    For Icon Film Distribution we have re-branded and re-vitalised a host of blockbuster naughties trailers for use on streaming and VOD platforms. The trailers were delivered SD with original stereo or dual mono mixes. At GV Film we replaced SD video with HD footage from the feature, re-cut scenes to be suitable for platforms such…

  • In Dreams

    A mind-bending psychological horror, loaded with tension and thrilling action. Starring Bianca Van Damme (Assassination Games). After her grandfather’s murder, Alma and her husband, Eddie, decide to go away to her family’s cabin in the woods, believing the peaceful setting will help her grief and repair her troubled marriage. But when a mysterious couple appear,…

  • Chantilly Bridge

    Emmy winning Director, Linda Yellen, returns for the follow up to the ground-breaking Sundance hit, Chantilly Lace, along with the all-star ensemble cast of the original. In a rare cinematic experience that travels back and forth between films, the characters’ memories implode on the present. With unpredictable humour and searing honesty they confront old resentments,…

  • Arrow July

    Returning to our roots, we crafted this promo for the Arrow Channel featuring action film legend Bruce Lee. GV Film director Jeremy Shaw previously worked on UK trailers for restored versions of Bruce Lee’s films with film distribution company Hong Kong Legends, who took classic martial films from midnight VHS marathons to being digitally restored…

  • Tom Grennan

    To celebrate the release of his new album in Dolby Atmos, singer and songwriter Tom Grennan made a surprise appearance for invited fans at a Q+A hosted by Dolby. As part of our continued service to Dolby Europe, the GV Film team were on hand to film the night including Vox Pops with very excited…

  • Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse

    We were at the gala premiere in London with Dolby UK to film excited Empire VIP’s after the first screening of Sony’s Spider sequel! We delivered two different edits across multiple social media formats. Click here to see the final promo on the Dolby UK Instagram page.

  • Breathless

    After killing her bank-robber husband, a Texas housewife must dispose of the body and find his loot while avoiding the local sheriff.Your new favourite cult film! Official trailer for the UK digital release for Icon Film Distribution.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations June

    More Arrow Chaos. What is coming up in June on Arrow?

  • Evil Dead Rise

    For Dolby we created a package of promotional material promoting the release of the horror film Evil Dead Rise in Dolby Atmos. GV Film edited a Vox-Pop reel and a director shout out, delivered in multiple formats across social media, from website videos to YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels and Facebook post media.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations May

    The latest monthly promo video for Arrow’s OTT channel, this time including neon soaked madness starring Harley Quinn and Barbie star Margot Robbie and plenty of cult film mayhem.