Bermondsey Tales: Fall Of The Roman Empire

London crime boss Mick Roman is deathly ill, and time is running out to find a successor. His only options are an aging consigliere or an impulsive enforcer, and neither are suitable to take the throne. Meanwhile, chaos reigns over the family who are coping with a paranoid ex-soldier, the return of a rebellious niece, and a drug-fuelled business meeting in Amsterdam. With deceit, ambition and infighting on the rise, this Roman empire may be about to fall. Gritty and unhinged in equal measure, ‘Bermondsey Tales’ boasts a line-up of British stars including BAFTA-Nominee John Hannah, Frank Harper (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels), Alan Ford (Snatch), Adam Deacon (Sumotherhood), Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock), Linda Robson, and Charlotte Kirk (Ocean’s Eight).

GV Film created multiple trailer versions for International and domestic distribution across Theatrical and digital platforms.

Edit and graphics by Jeremy Shaw at GV Film Ltd. Final mix and deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.