Seven Sonic Wonders

Introducing Seven Sonic Wonders: A Dolby Atmos Experience – a groundbreaking album that takes you on an audio journey of incredible, rare and endangered sounds of our planet. From the majestic pop and rumble of Iceland’s Vatnajökull Glacier to the serene dawn birdsong in Finland, each track puts you at heart of the beauty and fragility of nature’s symphony in Dolby Atmos. This extraordinary project brings together the talent and expertise of award-winning wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, award-winning composer Nainita Desai and Dolby Atmos mix engineer Kurt Martinez to create an unparalleled listening experience. Available now on Apple music with all proceeds going to EarthPercent to aid the preservation of Nature’s wonders 🌿🎧

Listen here:…

GV Film were approached by Dolby to assist global integrated communications agency Zeno London with the filming and editing of this behind the scenes interview on the production of Seven Sonic Wonders, an album in Dolby Atmos by renowned musician and sound recordist Chris Watson, film and game composer Nainita Desai and Dolby Atmos mixer Kurt Martinez.

We filmed at Dean Street Studios with DOP Dan Poole of Timebomb Pictures.
GV Film edited the promo and delivered in a variety of versions and formats for social media. Interview grade by Priory Post and mix by JD Evans at Soundmonger.



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