A Dark Song

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution commissioned GVFilm to create an ‘early look’ International trailer for this dark and disturbing slow burn supernatural horror.
In A Dark Song, a determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that threatens to blur the boundaries between this world, and the next. GVFilm edited the trailer, creating titles and graphic from supplied cover art materials and produced a 5.1 mix.

A Dark Song stars Steve Oram (Sightseers, The World’s End) and Catherine Walker (Leap Year, Patrick’s Day).

Out Of The Shadows

Commissioned by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution – just in time for AFM, we produced this online teaser trailer for
the horror film ‘Out Of The Shadows’, from director: Dee McLachlan (Running Wild, The Second Jungle Book, The Jammed).
Unaware of their new home’s dark history, a couple are faced with the terrifying wrath of a vengeful supernatural force…

Arrow Video Horror Showreel 2016

Once again we were commissioned by Arrow Video to create a showreel of the upcoming and catalogue horror releases. The reel is to be used on the internet, physical releases and was premiered at Frightfest 2016.

It includes clips from a host of 80’s horror favourites, how many do you recognise?


Commissioned by Liquid Noise Films, with who we had previously worked with on the trailer for Sci-Fi thriller, Scintilla. Extremis is a dark, science fiction tinged horror-drama, where nothing is what it seems. We worked from film reels, shaping the trailer while working closely with Director Steve Stone, before adding finished FX and delivering for grade and final mix.
Extremis, which stars David O’Hara and features Neil Pearson and Toyah Wilcox is currently at AFM 2015.

No Man’s Land

GVFilm were commissioned by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution to create this hard hitting and emotional trailer. We worked closely with the film’s producers and director, as well as the Kaleidoscope team to craft the narrative and focus; producing a sales trailer for AFM from test footage, and then re-creating the trailer once the actual film had been shot.
All editing, graphics and basic mixing were in-house with surround mixing and deliverables being supplied by our friends at Tamborine.
As the 1914 summer sun heats up mainland Europe, the First World War crashes down across the fractured continent.
Living in Paris, Arthur Knaap yearns to serve, protect and defend his beloved nation and joins the Foreign Legion.
Before long, Arthur is plunged into the cold, consuming darkness of frontline trench warfare.
As the men who stand beside hime lose their limbs, their friends and their hope, the true horror of the conflict refuses to abate.
With the lights going out on the Western front, the receipt of the devastating news spurs Arthur to make a decision that will change his life, and the course of his war, forever. But as his worn boots take him away from the falling shells, the gravity of his choice and the screams in his nightmares bring a harrowing conflict of their own.
No Man’s Land is available to own and rent in the UK on March 16th.

Arrow Video USA

Arrow Video, is perhaps the UK’s premier cult film label with high profile releases such as ‘The Burbs’ starring Tom Hanks and ‘Big Trouble In Little China’.

They have successfully raised over $120,000 using the indiegogo platform to ease the label’s expansion into the USA.

The campaign was helped on its way with this promotional video, produced and designed by GVFilm, along with other video assets to promote the expansion.


Last year we worked on the Official trailer for the British Sci-Fi film ‘Scintilla’ which is now out on Digital and DVD.
The film also forms part of a wider project for British heavy metal legend Biff Byford of Saxon, whose ‘Scintilla Project’ is an album that follows the themes of the movie, and is a perfect companion piece. Read more about it here.

No Man’s Land

GVFilm have just completed the official festival trailer for the upcoming WW1 Action drama ‘No Man’s Land’. The film tells the story of a young allied soldier who has to make a devastating choice as the true horror of trench warfare unfolds.
Directed by Klass Van Eijkeren and distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment the film is in production.
More details on the Kaleidoscope website here

Hell On Wheels

Entertainment One
International TV spot for the hit western series ‘Hell On Wheels’.
GVFilm created pre and post versions as well as International internet only versions for various markets.