The Trouble With Jessica

For Parkland Pictures, GVFilm Ltd have completed a sales reel for the Cannes Film Festival.
We worked together with Parkland to craft a highlight reel and trailer showing the narrative qualities of the film even while it is still in post production.

From Variety:

“Old” star Rufus Sewell and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’s” Shirley Henderson are set to lead dark comedy “The Trouble With Jessica.”

Sewell will also be reunited with his “A Knight’s Tale” co-star Alan Tudyk in the film. Olivia Williams (“The Father”) and Indira Varma (“Obi Wan Kenobi”) round out the cast.

Parkland Pictures are repping “The Trouble With Jessica,” which is directed by Matt Winn (“Bad Mother”), for worldwide sales. Winn co-wrote the film with James Handel (“The Hoarder”).

Filmed on location in London, “The Trouble With Jessica” tells the story of two couples who find themselves needing to relocate a dead body in order to prevent the imminent sale of their house from collapsing.

Andrew Brown, head of sales at Parkland Pictures, said: “‘The Trouble with Jessica’ is a darkly comic moral tale. It has been a real pleasure to be working with such a talented producer (Sarah Sulick) and director (Matt Winn) and Parkland is thrilled to bring a taste of what’s to come with exclusive footage in Cannes.”



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