Fadia’s Tree Amnesty International Award

Fadia’s Tree’ was chosen for the Amnesty International Award for Best Feature Film at the Donostia – San Sebastián Human Rights Film Festival. Directed by visual artist Sarah Beddington, Fadia’s Tree is a documentary about a Palestinian woman in a refugee camp in Lebanon who yearns for the ancestral homeland she’s denied in stark contrast to the millions of birds that migrate freely in the skies. She sets a challenge to the director to find an ancient tree that stands as witness to her family’s existence. With only inherited memories, a sightless man and a two-headed dragon as guides, this is no easy quest.
This story of a 15-year friendship that stays connected across a divided land and a fragmented people, adopts the aerial perspective of migratory birds to reflect on freedom of movement, exile and the hope of return.

GVFilm worked closely with the director and Over The Fence Films to craft the trailer for festivals and beyond to spread Fadia’s story to the wider world.



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