Last year we worked on the Official trailer for the British Sci-Fi film ‘Scintilla’ which is now out on Digital and DVD.
The film also forms part of a wider project for British heavy metal legend Biff Byford of Saxon, whose ‘Scintilla Project’ is an album that follows the themes of the movie, and is a perfect companion piece. Read more about it here.


From the award winning director Michael Noer comes NORTHWEST In cinemas July 25th

Commissioned by Arrow Films and written, edited and produced by GVFilm. The thumping 5.1 soundtrack was mixed at Tambourine studios.

I Declare War

GVFilm are very proud of our latest trailer for an independent film that packs a punch!
“I Declare War” follows a game of ‘war’ that goes off the rails when imagination runs riot.

Script, graphics and edit were all completed in-house with a 5.1 mix by our friends at Tamborine 

The Taste Of Money

Arrow FIlms continue their run of great Cinema releases with “The Taste Of Money”, out now on the silver screen and Curzon On-Demand.

From the director of The Housemaid (Im Sang-soo) comes a ‘bitter and delicious’ thriller of lust, seduction, decadence and betrayal. One of South Korea’s richest families, controlled with a vice-like grip by Geum-ok (Yoon Yeo-jeong), wife of the prominent but disillusioned family-business President, Yoon (Baek Yun-shik), is in the throes of crisis. Her newly appointed personal secretary, a handsome and ambitious young man, Joo (Kim Kang-woo), deals with the families immoral-and illegal-activities whilst patiently waiting for his own chance for financial reward, but when he is witness to an affair the balance of power shifts, with tragic consequences.
As their personal and professional empire begins to unravel and a scandalous arrest threatens to expose the family’s unsavoury secrets, the steely-cold Geum-ok turns to the basest form of revenge left available to her, cold-blooded murder. Lost between his own shrinking sense of morality and a shortcut to an ever-growing bank balance, Joo has to decide between rescuing what is left of his moral soul and the plentiful supply of cold-hard-cash that lies waiting for him on wooden pallets in the household’s basement vault.


The Conspiracy

Arrow Films are releasing the found footage thriller in UK Cinemas on October 11th 2013.

Two young filmmakers select a crazed conspiracy theorist as the subject of their new work. When he disappears they begin an obsessive effort to reconstruct his work, which leads the duo to a secretive and deadly organisation. The UK Theatrical trailer was produced by GVFilm which includes a thumping 5.1 mix.

Muse Of Fire

On Sunday July 7th at BAFTA in London, Directors Daniel Poole and Giles Terera presented a cast and crew screening of ‘Muse Of Fire’. An entertaining and star studded documentary/road movie that explores the cult of ‘Shakespeare’ with contributions from Sir Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Dame Judi Dench and more.

GVFilm have worked on the film from it’s inception, providing trailers, sizzles, teasers and finally taking on the edit of the film last year.

A shorter version of the documentary is due to be broadcast on BBC4 in October and the film is at festivals now.
We wish Dan and Giles all the best and hope to see ‘Muse Of Fire’ in cinemas soon.
Read more about it here

A Hijacking

In Cinemas May 10th 2013, Tobias Lindholm’s tense sea-faring thriller is sure to be a big hit for Arrow Films.

This was a great trailer for GVFilm, and a lot of time in particular went on creating the atmospheric surround soundtrack. Be sure to check the trailer out in Cinemas or on iTunes when available for the full experience.

Tobias Lindholm made his directorial debut with the tough prison drama R (co-directed with Michael Noer, 2010). As a scriptwriter Lindholm has worked with Thomas Vinterberg on the acclaimed drama SUBMARINO (winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize) and THE HUNT (2012) with Mads Mikkelsen in the leading role (winner, Best Actor, Cannes 2012). Since 2010 he has written several episodes for the internationally acclaimed and BAFTA winning BORGEN with Pilou Asbæk (BORGEN, A FAMILY) and Søren Malling (THE KILLING, BORGEN, A ROYAL AFFAIR) in leading roles. Dar Salim’s credits include GAME OF THRONES and THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE.

Love Crime

Our latest Theatrical Trailer, for the scorching hot, office based thriller ‘Love Crime’ is an exclusive at Empire Magazine’s online site.

Ruthless executive Christine (Kristen Scott Thomas) takes delight in toying with the innocence of her assistant, Isabelle (Ludivine Sagnier), passing her young protégé’s ideas on as her own. Confident of her control over Isabelle, Christine leads her into a confusing, perverse game of seduction and domination but ultimately underestimates Isabelle’s ambition and cunning leading to an all-out boardroom battle with deadly consequences.

Love Crime is released in Cinemas by Arrow Films on December 14th.


Ross Noble, one of the UK’s top comedians takes his first starring role in the comedy horror ‘Stitches’, in Cinemas now.

Working closely with the team at Kaleidoscope Entertainment, GVFilm created not only the theatrical trailer, but also Red Band and Rich Media versions and a TV and Radio campaign spot.