Catfight is American comedy with bruising action set-pieces. When estranged friends Sandra Oh and Anne Heche meet at a party – the fur flies and their lives change forever.
Also stars Alicia Silverstone. GVFilm re-worked the original trailer with new graphics and a punchier edit.

Trailer commissioned by Arrow Films.
Catfight is in UK Cinemas March 10


Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest is an Epic and emotional love story set against Stalin’s starvation of Ukraine.
Starring Max Irons, Barry Pepper,  Samantha Banks, Tamer Hussan and Terence Stamp.
Starting life as a simple trailer re-cut, we eventually re-worked the story and theme of the trailer for its UK release, and created new graphics and a thumping Theatrical mix, mastered for Cinema by our friends at Tamborine Productions.
Trailer commissioned by Arrow Films.
Bitter Harvest is in UK Cinemas February 24

Army Of One

GVFilm were commissioned by Arrow Films to create the Official UK trailer for Army Of One starring Nicolas Cage.
We created new animated UK graphics and oversaw deliverables of the localized version. We also created brand new 20 second TV spot edits and re-branded to match the physical release as well as creating online marketing materials

Released December 19th 2016

and DVD and Blu-Ray February 6 2017


Great to see Cosmos in Little White Lies top 25 films of 2016

“Not by any means for the faint of heart, Cosmos is nonetheless a juddering cloudburst of pure visual and aural energy, a rare instance of deep intellectual enquiry buoyed by unexpected jolts of pulsing emotion.”

It was a great trailer to make for a great film, released theatrically by Arrow Films / Arrow Academy.


We Are The Flesh

Commissioned by Arrow Films we regionalised and re-edited the trailer for We Are The Flesh for UK release, including mixing new surround audio deliverables and creating new graphics.

A visionary and bizarre slice of Mexican arthouse cinema, We Are The Flesh is an extraordinary and unsettling film experience, a sexually charged and nightmarish journey into an otherworldy dimension of carnal desire and excess, as well as a powerful allegory on the corrupting power of human desire. A young brother and sister, roaming an apocalyptic city, take refuge in the dilapidated lair of a strange hermit. He puts them to work building a bizarre cavernous structure, where he acts out his insane and depraved fantasies. Trapped in this maddening womb-like world under his malign influence, they find themselves sinking into the realms of dark and forbidden behaviour. Acclaimed by the Oscar-winning Mexican directors of The Revenant and Gravity, and playing to rave reviews and stunned audiences at genre film festivals around the world, We Are The Flesh is that rare beast – an intelligent, beautifully-crafted film that is also provocative and deeply disturbing.

In cinemas November 18th

La Grande Bouffe

The most famous film by Italian provocateur Marco Ferreri (Dillinger is Dead), La Grande bouffe was reviled on release for its perversity, decadence and attack on the bourgeoisie yet won the prestigious FIPRESCI prize after its controversial screening at the Cannes Film Festival.
Newly restored for Theatrical UK release.
GVFilm created the trailer and a 5.1 surround mix for all formats.

Return To Sender

The dark thriller ‘Return To Sender’, starring Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike, is in select cinemas May 22nd courtesy of Arrow Films. GVFilm created the UK Online trailer from existing promotional material, creating a new mix from source film reels and new graphics. 
Return to Sender is in UK Cinemas May 22nd.

Monsters: Dark Continent

GVFilm have just completed a  range of promotional interviews with director Tom Green and his mixing staff in Berlin, to promote the Dolby Atmos technology used in the creation of the creature feature sequel from Vertigo releasing “Monsters: Dark Continent”.

Digging Up The Marrow Official Trailer

Digging Up The Marrow is a uniquely terrifying voyage into the world of real monsters from horror legend Adam Green.

Filmmaker Adam Green receives a package from a strange man (Ray Wise, Twin Peaks, X Men First Class, Robocop) claiming that he can prove that monsters exist. As the lines between fantasy and reality are increasingly blurred, he and his crew are taken on a mysterious, fantastical, and terrifying journey into the shadows and deep underground. Written and directed by Green an inspired by the original monster genre art of artist and Executive Producer, Alex Pardee, Digging Up The Marrow was an Official Selection at Frightfest.

GVFilm were commissioned by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution, to create an International distribution trailer. GVFilm scripted the trailer and concept, (Approved by director Adam Green) and provided full International deliverables. The 5.1 surround tracks were mixed at Tamborine by Nick Harris.

Muse Of Fire

GVFilm edited multiple theatrical and home entertainment trailers, announcements and even a music video starring Dame Judi Dench to publicise the release of Muse Of Fire. Jeremy Shaw also edited the theatrical and BBC Broadcast version for Lion TV. This epic road-trip buddy movie, aims to dispel the fear and myths surrounding the most famous playwright in history. The finest cast list ever assembled for a documentary; 7 knights, 1 Dame and two friends will change the way you feel about Shakespeare forever…