Currently showing on BBC4, Hostages is the original Israeli series that inspired a US remake before it was even screened!
GVFilm edited the trailer for Arrow Films’ Nordic Noir & Beyond label, commissioning music from acclaimed film composer
Richard Wells (Being Human) and mixed in surround by Nick Harris at Tamborine.
The night before a high profile operation on the Prime Minister, the surgeon due to perform the procedure, Yael, is
surprised at her family home by four masked assailants. The gang quickly take control of Yael and her family and
order her to kill the Prime Minister on the operating table in the morning, or else they will kill her family, Yael does her best to manage
the situation, and buy her precious family some time, by injecting the Prime Minister with medication to disrupt his
nervous system giving her medical grounds to delay the operation. Under constant pressure from her captors to perform
the fatal surgery, Yael lives daily with the very real and growing threat to her family. An atmosphere of increasing mistrust
and paranoia develops between the hostages and the Kidnappers whilst Yael balances the preservation of her family
against the life of the Prime Minister in this gripping and twisting ten-part part drama.



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