The Loneliest Time

‘The Loneliest Time’ is a drama that looks at the effects of conflict from a very different angle.
Directed by Cort Kristensen (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and Written, Produced and Directed by
GVFilm’s Dan Poole (Muse Of Fire), the production was funded using the KICKSTARTER platform.
This film was only made possible due to the generosity of those who embraced the subject matter and agreed to waiver their normal fees and work as collaborators.
From camera, grip and locations, through to post-production facilities and our incredible crew pre and post-production, ‘The Loneliest Time’, has been lucky and fortunate
enough to receive the full support of simply the best industry professionals working at this time.

The film is now completed and was shot on Arri-Alexa supplied by Onsight, graded in Baselight at Technicolor and mixed in DOLBY ATMOS at Fox Studios, Los Angeles.

GVFilm was proud to support the production from inception, and have created teasers and trailers for the film.


TLT TRAILER 2016 from Timebomb Pictures on Vimeo.