The Team

Trafficking, forced prostitution, and tax fraud. A European investigation team investigates organized crime across borders in Europe. On DVD via Nordic Noir & Beyond in the UK on October 31st.

The Border

The Border is the latest release from Nordic Noir & Beyond.
The HBO Europe series was premiered on Channel 4 in the UK and arrives on DVD Sept 5 2016.
The Border tells the story of border guards in the remote region of Bieszczady, a mysterious and magical region where people can behave strangely.
The first episode opens with a fatal bomb attack, killing guards who are stationed on the border with Ukraine.
The only survivor, Captain Rebrow, loses friends in the attack. Utterly confused, he tries find out who is behind the bombing.
His commanding officer is determined to uncover the truth, working with an investigator from the national prosecutor’s office.

The Disappearance (Disparue)

The Disappearance is a gripping French thriller series that proved a hit on BBC4. The latest in a line of successful releases from Nordic Noir & Beyond. GVFilm produced the full trailer, including editing, graphics, copy and mix.

Hinterland Series 2

In this new series of the hit dual language drama, DCI Mathias is under pressure. Meg Mathias, his wife, has turned up in Aberystwyth, and he’s under investigation by the IPCC,
When a bus driver’s body is found shot on an isolated mountainside, the investigation provides a welcome escape.
Commissioned by Nordic Noir & Beyond, Hinterland is available On Demand and DVD 30th May.

Blue Eyes – (Blå ögon)

Nordic Noir And Beyond bring the tense TV drama ‘Blue Eyes’ to UK DVD on June 20th and commissioned us to make this tense 30 second, TV spot style trailer. ‘Blue Eyes’ is part of the
labels 2016 line – up that also includes ‘Heartless’, ‘Thicker Than Water’ and the BBC hits ‘Trapped’ and ‘Follow The Money’.

Thicker Than Water UK Trailer

When Anna-Lisa is found dead one morning, her children learn that she had terminal cancer and that her will stipulates that all three siblings must run the family B&B together for a year. It is a mother’s last effort to reunite her children.
But it will also confront them with the family’s unsolved past, present forces of attraction, and a very dark secret buried in a most unfortunate place…
Commissioned by Nordic Noir and Beyond, the series has had a successful run on More4 / Walter Presents and is on DVD May 23 2016 from Nordic Noir & Beyond.

Follow The Money

Follow The Money is the latest Nordic series  from the Danish broadcaster DR, the home of  ‘The Killing’, ‘Borgen’ and ‘The Bridge’,  Already a hit on BBC4, Arrow label Nordic Noir and Beyond
commissioned this Official UK Trailer for the Digital and Home Entertainment release.
GVFilm scripted and edited the trailer, producing graphics and initial 5.1 mix in-house with final mastering at Tambourine Audio.

Men and Chicken

Two outcast brothers get to know their biological family and discover the horrible truth about themselves and their relatives.
Coming to UK screens Summer 2016 from Arrow Films.


A beautiful supernatural thriller set in an elite Danish boarding school. Twins Sofie and Sebastian (Sebastian Jessen and Julie Zangenberg, Borgen) are no ordinary students. They were born with a curse and carry a dark and fatal secret: in order to live, they need to suck the energy out of other people. However, if they don t stop their sucking in time, their victims will burn to death.