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  • A Musical Story Release Trailer

    Re-brand for platforms and social for games distributor Digerati. GVFilm added award laurels and platform end animation and legal for Playstation, Nintendo, XBox, PC and iOS releases.

  • Golem Gates

    An explosive new trailer for this post-apocalyptic sci-fi blend of action-strategy and card battler from Digerati. Editing, mix and graphics in-house at GVFilm. Available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4.

  • Nintendo games for Xmas

    We have been busy creating trailers for Digerati’s Nintendo Switch releases of 3 popular games, the puzzle – adventures ‘Aquatic Adventures Of The Last Human’ and ‘Uncanny Valley’ and the sideways, scrolling shoot-em-up ‘Omega Strike’. This has been a bumper year for creating trailers for the Nintendo Switch platform, almost 2 a month through-out the year, reflecting the…

  • Unexplored

    Commissioned by DIgerati Distribution. Nintendo Switch trailer for the popular indie game. Edit, graphics and platform versioning.

  • Spectrum

    Commissioned by DIgerati Distribution. Nintendo Switch trailer for the popular indie game. Graphics, re-edit and platform versioning.

  • Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut

    After producing trailers for the XBox and PS4 versions of the game, we were once again commissioned by Digerati Distribution to create a new ‘clean’ trailer for the release on NIntendo Switch.

  • Nintendo Switch Trailer Re-versions

    Just in time for Xmas we have re-vamped a host of trailers to match the releases on Nintendo’s Switch platform.  Re-branding and re-formating trailers for different platforms includes checking all footage is relevant to the correct gaming platform and delivering in desired ‘shop’ formats.  

  • Letter Quest Remastered

    A new original trailer commissioned by game distributors Digerati Distribution for the Nintendo Switch version of the popular action packed puzzle game. We added a new mix and graphics along with re-editing and platform delivery.