Astronaut Digital Release

Astronaut was due to be a Theatrical release for Parkland Pictures with digital and physical to follow. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we worked closely with Magus Marketing to adapt assets to a new release schedule and to quickly create new ones to extend the reach of the film and keep it in the social media eye, including image quotes, vox-pops, promos and animated artwork.

Everton Howard’s Way

Official trailer and social media content for a brand-new feature-length documentary release – EVERTON โ€“ HOWARDโ€™S WAY. Released in cinemas and on home entertainment in November 2019.

EVERTON – HOWARDโ€™S WAY tells the definitive story of Everton FC at the very peak of their powers in the mid-1980s. EVERTON – HOWARDโ€™S WAY features brand new interviews with the key players of the time, including Andy Gray, Kevin Ratcliffe, Peter Reid, Graeme Sharp, and Neville Southall.

Sometimes Always Never – Top Tailoring Tips

Tailor to the stars, Martin Nicholls, takes us through his top tailoring tips and tells us what it’s like working with Bill Nighy.

Written, produced, directed and edited by GVFilm for Parkland Entertainment and Magus Marketing.
DOP Dan Poole GVFilm and TImebomb Pictures.

Sometimes Always Never – Button Lip

Savile Row tailor, Martin Nicholls, explains why you should never do up the bottom button on a jacket. Promotional content for the UK Theatrical release of Sometimes Always Never for Parkland Entertainment and Magus Marketing.

GVFilm produced, directed and edited the spot.
DOP was Dan Poole GVFilm and Timebomb Pictures

Sometimes Always Never

Trailer re-cut and re-brand for Parkland Entertainment with Social Media assets.

Able to blend charming gruffness and winning affability with just the raise of an eyebrow, Bill Nighy has long proven himself one of Britainโ€™s best character actors, and now he stars alongside Sam Riley and Alice Lowe in this stylish and heartfelt comedy-drama about a tailor searching for a lost son. Sharp of both suit and vocabulary, Nighy (The Bookshop), is winningly deadpan as Scrabble-obsessed Merseyside tailor Alan, whose eldest son Michael stormed out of the house after a particularly heated round of the popular board game, never to return. Years later, Alan and his other son Peter (Sam Riley) continue the search while trying to repair their own strained relationship. Working from a witty and astute script by veteran screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce (The Railway Man, Goodbye Christopher Robin), Liverpudlian director Carl Hunter deploys a vivid visual style and striking production design to capture the shifting moods of a family who know plenty of words but struggle to communicate. A triple score-worthy supporting cast includes Jenny Agutter and Tim McInnerny.

In UK Cinemas July 2019.

Scotch: The Golden Dram

Working closely with our friends at Magus Marketing  for Parkland Entertainment, we created this trailer for the Munro Films Theatrical release of Andrew Peat’s revealing documentary which journeys to the stunning Scottish countryside to uncover the history of the craft and to meet some of the biggest names in the industry.

Script, editing, graphics and mixing in-house at GVFilm with audio mastering and deliverables at Tamborine Audio.

In Cinemas March 8th

Bros: After The Screaming Stops – Release Trailers

GV Film were commissioned by Magus Marketing to create an original trailer to complement the existing marketing materials for the film. This trailer was extensively used to promote the film and create awareness online and on social media platforms and review sites.

GVFilm also created additional trailer versions with different narrative themes and provided them as formatted encodes across different platforms so they always looked their best. The different trailers allowed the themes of brotherhood, persistence, humour and musical endeavour to shine individually in a focussed environment rather than be lost in a longer trailer piece.

‘Bros: After The Screaming Stops’ is in UK Cinemas now.

Bros: After The Screaming Stops Official Trailer 2

GVFilm were commissoned by Magus Marketing for Lorton Entertainment, in partnership with Fulwell 73 to assist in creating key assets for the online campaign launching the Theatrical and Digital / Home Entertainment release.

Under brief from Magus Marketing we expanded on the original trailer to reach new audiences by highlighting ‘rockumentary’ moments as well as humour and pathos to show the documentaries depth to fans and filmgoers.

Multiple versions were produced for distribution across social media channels.

Bros: After The Screaming Stops

UK Cinemas November 9

Digital & DVD November 12  (via Spirit Entertainment)