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  • An Ideal Husband

    Sir Robert is a respected politician whose spotless reputation is the pride of his wife and sister. But when an old acquaintance threatens to reveal a dark secret from his past, Robert turns to the aid of his best friend, the womanizing, party-loving philanderer, Lord Goring. This classic Oscar Wilde tale is brought to life…

  • Icons of film

    For Icon Film Distribution we have re-branded and re-vitalised a host of blockbuster naughties trailers for use on streaming and VOD platforms. The trailers were delivered SD with original stereo or dual mono mixes. At GV Film we replaced SD video with HD footage from the feature, re-cut scenes to be suitable for platforms such…

  • Icon(ic) Trailers

  • Condor’s Nest

    A decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, a vengeful American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals. Joining forces with an Israeli agent and an atomic scientist, the team encounters more than they bargained for, waylaid by betrayal, amphetamine-crazed Nazis, and their own dark secrets. Starring Michael Ironside (Top Gun, Total…

  • The Curse of Rosalie

    Determined to find peace for Rosalie, their troubled young daughter, Daniel and Theresa Snyder move their family to a small Midwestern town. However, soon after they arrive, their neighbours begin to die in mysterious and seemingly paranormal circumstances. Fearing an evil entity has pursued them and possessed Rosalie, the desperate parents visit a Native American…

  • Play Dead

    On a mission to save her brother from the consequences of a crime gone wrong, criminology student Chloe fakes her own death to break into a morgue and steal evidence. But once inside, she soon learns that a sadistic coroner is using corpses for his sick and twisted business: selling body parts. When he discovers…

  • Icon Film Channel This Month’s Highlights

    Monthly promotional video for Icon Film Channel UK Sit back and take a look at our work for Icon over the past year.

  • Icon Film Channel Streaming Now – July 2022

    Regular monthly trailer for new releases on the Icon Film Channel. Out now on the Icon Film Channel are newly added titles including extraordinary sci-fi series Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving, heart-warming family animation Birds Like Us, and coming later this month is supernatural horror The Devil’s Candy. And, don’t…

  • Icon Film Channel New Releases Streaming Now

    For Icon Film Distribution – a monthly reel previewing the most exciting tiles on the popular on – demand platform.

  • Icon Film Channel New Releases This April

    Monthly promotional video for Icon Film Channel distributed across social media channels. Edited and scripted in-house at GV Film Limited.