Dreambreak Official Trailer

Re-brand and re-formatting and re-cutting trailer materials including new animated graphics and sound FX for the Digerati Distribution release on PS4 and XBOX One

INK Official PS4 Trailer

Game trailer re-edit and console format delivery for Digerati Distribution. INK is a fast-paced platformer about using colorful paint to uncover your surroundings. Defeat all enemies in the room and reach the goal! The terrain, however, is invisible, so you need to feel your way by physically bumping into it, performing a double jump or, well, dying.

Vertical Drop Heroes Trailer

Vertical Drop Heroes is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid with roguelike elements. Armed with a variety of skills and traits, your hero adventures through randomly generated stages. Use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage.
Commissioned by Digerati Distribution we worked from gameplay footage and added original title cards, music and retailer branding and ratings to promote the launch of the game for Playstation and XBox.

The Sun And The Moon

A quick bit of re-branding on this trailer for the mesmerising new game from our friends at Digerati.  Branding and formatting for online stores can be complex,  and  GVFilm are always glad to help clients navigate their way through a successful platform release.

The Sun and Moon, the winner of Ludum Dare 29, is a platformer with a unique mechanic: you can dive into the ground. Momentum is conserved but gravity is reversed, letting you fling yourself high into the air or deep beneath the surface. The goal is always straightforward – collect the three orbs in the level and jump into the wormhole – but spikes, endless drops and impossible heights make this more and more difficult.

Slain – Back From Hell

The heavy metal themed video game ‘Slain’ is back with an update
and new and improved gameplay. The 8-bit styled fantasy game caused quite a stir on its initial release, and this trailer for distributors Digerati announces an all new and improved version. ‘Slain’ is available on Steam, GOG and multiple gaming platforms.


We like to take occasional creative detours at GVFilm and it was a new challenge to create a trailer for the heavy metal inspired game Slain!  Players control Bathoryn, a hero in a Gothic world, seeking to liberate the great towers from thier deadly overlords. Accompanied by the heavy metal visuals is an even heavier metal soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant (formally of Celtic Frost).

GVFilm worked closely with publishers Digerati Distribution to showcase the gameplay and imagery of the games while retaining a good trailer ‘feel’.

Steam Page – Click Here