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  • Unbound: Worlds Apart Release Trailer

    Trailer re-brand for Digerati Games.Unbound: Worlds Apart is a challenging, atmospheric and hand-drawn puzzle-platformer set in a universe where all worlds are connected by portals. You control Soli, a gifted young mage who has the power to open portals and control the unique properties of each world – such as inverse gravity, time manipulation, super…

  • A Musical Story Release Trailer

    Re-brand for platforms and social for games distributor Digerati. GVFilm added award laurels and platform end animation and legal for Playstation, Nintendo, XBox, PC and iOS releases.

  • Playstation Game Trailer Branding

    Along with full original trailers, we offer our gaming clients a re-brand service. Taking trailers (often direct from developers) and re-editing and re-branding for use on OTT sales platforms (Such as platform stores) where format, branding and content has strict guidelines that will not be in the workflow of trailer production. Successful co-op branding with…

  • Bloody Rally Show

    Official trailer for Digerati’s latest release November 3rd on PS4, November 4th for Nintendo Switch, and November 5th on Xbox One! Welcome to Bloody Rally Show – a head-on smash between frenetic top-down arcade racing and hyperviolent reality TV. You must drift, boost, and blast to keep the viewers entertained and your paymasters happy. Go…

  • The Magister Release Date Trailer

    Release date trailer for Digerati Games. Original edit, mix, GFX and platform specific branding in-house at GVFilm Ltd. The Magister is a murder-mystery card-battler RPG. Build and customise your deck to fight in battles, or use ‘Tactical Diplomacy’ to pacify those who stand in your way. Gather clues and discover motives as you investigate the…

  • Digerati Trailer Branding

    A trio of triumphant trailers re-branded and re-animated for Digerati Games.UHD, high frame rate, multiple versions, platforms, stores and social …. no problem!

  • Game Trailer Branding

    Proper branding is essential to get a game not only onto retail platforms but also across social channels that can boost the visibility of the release. At GV Film we not only create original trailers but offer re-branding and re-editing services for existing trailers that need delivering to Playstation, Nintendo, XBox, Apple and other retail…

  • Tunnel Of Doom

    Original trailer for Digerati.Tunnel of Doom is an action rogue-lite hybrid that mixes tower defense with melee and ranged combat gameplay. Randomly generated, every run is different as you guide Angel on a quest to rescue her husband. Gather resources, discover perks, and use what you find to battle waves of monsters.

  • Guild Of Darksteel

    An epic trailer for Digerati for this epic game!We really tried to give it a cinematic feel.Available soon on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

  • Rangock Skies

    We worked hard with our friends at Digerati Games to get the vibe for this game trailer just right, with exactly the right kind of animated graphics and edited gameplay.