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  • Game Over

    GV Film were recently commissioned by retro entertainment site GamesYouLoved to produce a book trailer for the retrogaming focused crime thriller ‘GAME OVER’, a new multi-media collaboration funded on Kickstarter. Features a foreword by genre legend Ian Livingstone and cover artwork by 200AD and Judge Dredd artist PJ Holden.      

  • Cosmos

    Great to see Cosmos in Little White Lies top 25 films of 2016 “Not by any means for the faint of heart, Cosmos is nonetheless a juddering cloudburst of pure visual and aural energy, a rare instance of deep intellectual enquiry buoyed by unexpected jolts of pulsing emotion.” It was a great trailer to make for […]

  • Army Of One

    GVFilm were commissioned by Arrow Films to create the Official UK trailer for Army Of One starring Nicolas Cage. We created new animated UK graphics and oversaw deliverables of the localized version. ARMY OF ONE is the (mostly) true story of Gary Faulkner (Nicolas Cage), an ex-con, unemployed handyman, and modern day Don Quixote who […]

  • The Long Good Friday

    When GVFilm were commissioned to edit a trailer for the the iconic gangster film’s 35th Anniversary re-release in cinemas, we were determined to make a modern trailer but honour the film’s classic status. As well as the edit and graphics we produced the explosive surround mix and added new music and hope it is a fitting tribute […]

  • Magic Animal Friends

    After the success of the  ‘Rainbow Magic’ books. Orchard turned to GVFilm to advertise the release of Daisy Meadow’s latest book series ‘Magic Animal Friends’. We scripted and animated the TV spot, giving it a sprightly mix and charming voice over courtesy of GVFilm friend, actress Sandy Foster who can be seen in Mike Leigh’s […]

  • Boy Nobody

    For the Orchard Books release of the novel,  Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff, GVFilm were asked to create a fast paced, thrilling trailer to appeal to young adult readers, but without giving away too much of the mysterious and surprisingly hard edged story of a teenage assassin. We scripted, filmed, directed and scored the book trailer, […]

  • The Dark

    We are excited to reveal the UK trailer for ‘The Dark’. The new children’s book by acclaimed author Lemony Snickert and illustrated by Jon Klassen. The Trailer was shot, animated and produced by the team at GVFilm and it features a narration by GVFilm hero Neil Gaiman. “Creating this trailer was a joy, the team […]

  • SeaQuest

    Something different for GVFilm…a trailer where we also created the footage from scratch ! For the release of ‘SeaQuest’ a new series of books from best selling author Adam Blade, Orchard Children’s books supplied GVFilm with glorious illustrations and let our imagination run riot. We scripted, animated, scored and edited the trailer – with the […]

  • MetaWars

    We have been hard at work on trailers for an exciting new book series, ‘MetaWars’ by Jeff Norton for Hachette Children’s books. Set in a dystopian future two warring factions (the Millennials and the Guardians) are fighting for control of an online virtual world called the Metasphere. Check out the website at www.metawarsbooks.com and the […]

  • Clone

    Official Trailer for Arrow Films. Dr Who star Matt Smith and Sci-Fi regular Eva Green (Perfect Sense and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows) get to stretch their acting skills in the dark and disturbing ‘Clone’ out on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD  from Arrow Films. ‘Clone’ is the story of Rebecca and Thomas who meet as children, […]