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  • Arrow Feature Presentations October

    This Halloween, we have such sights to show you… Monthly promo for the Arrow Player OTT service edited and graphics by GV Film.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations September

    The latest films on Arrow Player OTT Service.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations August

    What is on Arrow Player this month?

  • Arrow July

    Returning to our roots, we crafted this promo for the Arrow Channel featuring action film legend Bruce Lee. GV Film director Jeremy Shaw previously worked on UK trailers for restored versions of Bruce Lee’s films with film distribution company Hong Kong Legends, who took classic martial films from midnight VHS marathons to being digitally restored…

  • Arrow Feature Presentations May

    The latest monthly promo video for Arrow’s OTT channel, this time including neon soaked madness starring Harley Quinn and Barbie star Margot Robbie and plenty of cult film mayhem.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations March

    Our latest monthly trailer for Arrow’s channel highlighting upcoming titles and themes on the cult movie app. Every month we work closely with the team at Arrow Video to show the best Arrow has to offer. Edited and produced in-house at GV Film Limited.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations February

    This February, fall in love with ARROW. Edited by GVFIlm for Arrow Video OTT service.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations December

    Be naughty, not nice with ARROW this December. New and exclusive festive future Cult classic The Leech lines up alongside Moorhead and Benson’s The Endless, wire-work jaw-dropper House of Flying Daggers, pole-work panty-dropper Showgirls and even classics starring real horror royalty: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price! We round off another year of monthly…

  • Arrow November

    This November sees the premiere of a quirky comedy gem from a French auteur, half a century of gritty film noir, a host of high-kicking action from the Shaw Brothers, a season of sensual horror from Jean Rollin, and much more…

  • Arrow October

    This October/Halloween, evil is brewing with two brand-new exclusives Two Witches and Take Back the Night, plus curated collections: Season of the Witch and Co-Ed Carnage. Monthly promo for Arrow Video.