Tag: Arrow Video Channel

  • Arrow January

    Into 2023! with our latest promo for Arrow!

  • Arrow Feature Presentations July 2021

    The latest trailer for Arrow-player’s July feature presentations, produced entirely in-house at GVFilm. Take a trip to a new world of cult entertainment. From satanic cults to rock and roll shocks July at ARROW has something for everyone…

  • Arrow Feature Presentations June 2021

    The latest refresh in our monthly promotional videos for ARROW-Player.Edit, graphics and mix in-house at GVFilm.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations May 2021

    For our friends at Arrow we create monthly promotional spots for social media advertising the new featured movies, short films and extras on the service. Arrow fosters a true sense of film-making community with its roster of new and upcoming directors, producers and fan submissions and we are proud to be part of its success.

  • Arrow Feature Presentations April 2021

    The latest feature presentation showreel for https://www.arrow-player.com Exclusive new cult films, a purely curated collection of cult classics, original and new videos that dive deeper into the world of the dark, different and bizarre and much, much more. 

  • Arrow Feature Presentations March 2021

    New exclusives, ARROW Stories and award-winning shorts. Feast your eyes on ARROW’s March line-up. Streaming in the UK, US and Canada from March 1.

  • Arrow Channel Feature Presentations February 2021

    A fantastic February line-up of hand-picked film premieres, cult and arthouse classics and much, much more. Now streaming in the UK, US and Canada. Try the alternative with ARROW and start your 30-day free trial at https://www.arrow-player.com​​

  • Arrow Channel Feature Presentations January 2021

    Ring in the New Year with fresh releases on ARROW Home of Cult Movies. ARROW is now available in the US & Canada.

  • Arrow Channel November Trailer

    Ban this sick filth!Mock US News style trailer for Arrow channel promoting the November line-up.

  • Children Of The Corn 2

    Streaming on the Arrow Video Channel in the UK this October: http://apple.co/arrowvideo The ultimate adult nightmare returns! After the bloody secrets in the the town of Gatlin are uncovered, the locals of neighbouring Hemingford decide to adopt the surviving children and give them a fresh start in life. However, “He Who Walks Behind The Rows” […]