Tag: action

  • Wolf Warrior 2

    We worked closely with Well Go USA Entertainment to craft a trailer that presents the action packed and explosive Wolf Warrior 2 in all of its glory.  Wolf Warrior 2 was  a massive commercial success and has  become the highest-grossing Chinese film ever released. It is the first and only non-Hollywood film ever to be […]

  • The Villainess ‘TV Spot’

    20 second spot commissioned by Arrow Video.

  • The Villainess

    Working closely with Arrow Films / Arrow Video we re-edited the trailer for the UK release, adding new story captions, titles and 5.1 mix. Mastering for Theatrical release by our friends at Tamborine audio, We also created trailer versions for not only Theatrical and Online but also Home Entertainment and VOD releases. Check out the Empire Magazine exclusive […]

  • Security

    When Arrow Films needed an explosive trailer for the release of the high octane action thriller ‘Security’, GVFilm were happy to oblige. Scripting, editing, mixing and graphics in-house with a booming 5.1 master by our friends at Tamborine. We also created social media assets including a 30 second TV spot, motion poster and Gifs. An ex-special […]

  • Headshot

    Featuring the star of Raid and Raid 2 A full-tilt, all-out revenge thriller, packed with bone-crunching, bullet-blasting, blood-spurting martial arts and violence, this is Crank meets The Bourne Identity for the next generation of action fans!When a mysterious young man (Iko Uwais) jolts awake after months in a coma from a gunshot wound to the […]