How Dolby Atmos Elevates The Midwich Cuckoos

For Dolby we shot and edited this informative promo about the use of Dolby Atmos in the Sky series ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’.

The Midwich Cuckoos out NOW on Sky Max in Dolby Atmos. Feel and see more in this brand new, thrilling Sky Original drama in Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos, experience a wider, multi-dimensional sound experience. Dolby Atmos enhances richer details and captures creative intent with more space and depth. “Midwich,” a silent town where nothing ever happens, at least not until the dusk of one summer’s day, when a zone of Midwich suddenly fall to their feet. The people lose consciousness. And yet, nobody knows why, nobody knows how, and with no knowledge of the looming horror soon to come. This mysterious haze seems short-term with those affected awakening. But then, a sudden realisation occurs. Every woman of child-bearing age inside the area has unexplainably fallen pregnant. As the women give birth, they soon realise, these children are unlike any other. Watch the exclusive interview and uncover how the electrifying soundscape was specifically crafted to revolve around the panic of Midwich. Only in Dolby Atmos. Interview includes Howard Bargroff, re-recording mixer at Sonorous Trident and Alice Troughton, Director and Executive Producer of “The Midwich Cuckoos.”