All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride

Home Entertainment, Trailer
Trailer re-brand for the immensely popular ‘slow tv’ Christmas special first shown on BBC Four.
With no commentary, music or presenter just the crunching of snow and the soft tinkle of a reindeer bell,
this hypnotic sleigh ride is an enchanting experience to put everyone in the Christmas spirit.
On DVD and Digital from Nordic Noir And Beyond.

The Code Series 2

GVFilm recently delivered the Home Entertainment trailer for the BBC4 series ‘The Code’.
The second series delves even deeper into the Dark Web. When two Australians are murdered by militia in West Papua, Internet journalist Ned (Dan Spielman) and his cyber hacker brother Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) are threatened with deportation by the Australian authorities unless they agree to help with the case. Tasked with finding Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia), the lone survivor of the militia attack and fugitive founder of an illegal website linked to human trafficking, the brothers soon find themselves in the middle of a complex investigation with potentially far-reaching consequences.

Available on DVD from Nordic Noir & Beyond

The Team

Trafficking, forced prostitution, and tax fraud. A European investigation team investigates organized crime across borders in Europe. On DVD via Nordic Noir & Beyond in the UK on October 31st.

The Out-Laws (AKA Clan)

The hit series as seen on Channel Four comes to DVD from Nordic Noir & Beyond.
All ten episodes from the Belgian comedy drama which follows five sisters brought together by the death of their parents. After vowing to stick together, the bond between the Goethals sisters is tested following the marriage of Goedele (Inge Paulussen) to troublemaker Jean-Claude (Dirk Roofthooft). Resolving to get rid of their hated brother-in-law for the good of the family, the sisters come up with a number of ingenious schemes to murder him and make it look like an accident.
An original trailer scripted, edited and graphics and mix by GVFilm.

The Disappearance (Disparue)

The Disappearance is a gripping French thriller series that proved a hit on BBC4. The latest in a line of successful releases from Nordic Noir & Beyond. GVFilm produced the full trailer, including editing, graphics, copy and mix.

Gomorrah Season 2

Gomorrah is a smash hit on SkyAtlantic, and the being hailed as ‘The most gripping drama on Television’.
Arrow Films returned to GVFilm to create the UK Trailer after the success of season one on DVD, Digital and Blu-Ray.
Epic and intense the trailer is topped off with a full surround master by our friends at Tamborine Audio.

Hinterland Series 2

In this new series of the hit dual language drama, DCI Mathias is under pressure. Meg Mathias, his wife, has turned up in Aberystwyth, and he’s under investigation by the IPCC,
When a bus driver’s body is found shot on an isolated mountainside, the investigation provides a welcome escape.
Commissioned by Nordic Noir & Beyond, Hinterland is available On Demand and DVD 30th May.


Trapped is the latest nordic sensation to hit BBC, gripping UK audiences – 1.3 million viewers are expected to watch the finale on BBC4. This is the latest trailer that we have created for Arrow’s Nordic Noir and Beyond label and once again GVFilm scripted and edited the trailer and graphics and sourced the music edit. The trailer was an exclusive on and TRAPPED will continue on BBC Four from 9pm on Saturday March 5.
On DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday April 11.

Arne Dahl Series 2

Based on the best selling crime novels, the first series was a big hit with Nordic Noir fans.
We created this short and snappy trailer for the second series which has already been a success when shown on BBC.