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  • Thicker Than Water UK Trailer

    When Anna-Lisa is found dead one morning, her children learn that she had terminal cancer and that her will stipulates that all three siblings must run the family B&B together for a year. It is a mother’s last effort to reunite her children. But it will also confront them with the family’s unsolved past, present forces of attraction, […]

  • Lessons In Love

    Official UK Trailer for the Theatrical release. By day, Richard Haig (Pierce Brosnan), is a well-respected Cambridge professor, teaching The Romantics. By night, following in the footsteps of his father, he indulges in his own romantic fantasies with a steady stream of beautiful undergraduates. But when his younger, American girlfriend Kate (Jessica Alba), reveals that […]

  • Dolby Atmos

    Dolby EMEA Dolby Laboratories’ latest innovation, ‘Dolby Atmos’ is fast becoming the future of surround sound, being used on blockbuster films like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Star Trek Into The Darkness’. GVFilm have created animated interstitials to advertise the format at cinemas around the world.      

  • Hello world

    GVFilm Ltd are waiting to create…