Merry and Gay

Official UK Trailer for the Digital and DVD release of the romantic comedy ‘Merry and Gay’. Original edit and titles in house at GV Film Limited with 5.1 deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.

After leaving her small-town home behind to pursue big dreams, actress Becca found success in a hit musical. Meanwhile, her high school sweetheart, Sam, stayed behind in Nashville, bar-tending and trying to mend a broken heart. Now, returning home for Christmas years later, Becca has no idea that her love life is about to take centre stage. Sensing an opportunity to bring a perfect couple back together, the pair’s meddling families scheme to reunite the love birds, hatching an elaborate plan that soon spirals out of control. For whilst Becca may be ready to reconnect, Sam is not so ready to give her heart away again…

Christmas at the Ranch

Official UK trailer for the digital and DVD release of the romantic comedy ‘Christmas at the Ranch’ distributed in the UK by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.

Original edit and graphics in-house by GV Film with 5.1 audio deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.

When career-driven Haley Hollis returns to her family ranch to try and save it from closure, she wasn’t banking on spending so much time with ranch hand Kate – or falling for her….

Arrow November

This November sees the premiere of a quirky comedy gem from a French auteur, half a century of gritty film noir, a host of high-kicking action from the Shaw Brothers, a season of sensual horror from Jean Rollin, and much more…

The latest promo for Arrow channel.

Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour Documentary

Mike Oldfield’s iconic Tubular Bells took the world by storm when it launched in 1973, and nearly 50 years on continues to sell over 100,000 albums per year, with a total of 17.5 million copies sold worldwide and 18 million streams. In preparation for the 50th anniversary celebration in 2023, it’s time to explore the phenomenon anew. Narrated by Bill Nighy, this feature-length documentary uncovers the history and legacy of Tubular Bells, closely following the dramatic story behind the spectacular new concert at the Royal Festival Hall. With interviews from those closest to the production, such as Robin Smith, Tom Newman, Yaron Lifschitz, and more.

Official trailer for Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, edit and GFX in-house at GVFilm with 5.1 audio mix by JD Evans at Soundmonger.

Arrow October

This October/Halloween, evil is brewing with two brand-new exclusives Two Witches and Take Back the Night, plus curated collections: Season of the Witch and Co-Ed Carnage.

Monthly promo for Arrow Video.

Doctor Who Am I

Infamous Doctor Who screenwriter, Matthew Jacobs, is reluctantly dragged back into the American ‘Whoniverse’ to face the fandom that brutally rejected his work 25 years earlier.

In 1996, a Doctor Who TV movie was envisioned to lead the franchise into an exciting new future with a fresh direction but was met only by an outcry from disapproving fans. Now, follow the film’s screenwriter, Matthew Jacobs, as he is pulled back into the world of the Doctor Who fandom, where he unexpectedly finds himself a kindred part of this close-knit, yet vast, family of fans.

Theatrical release coming soon.

Trailer script, edit and titles in-house at GVFilm Limited.
5.1 audio mix and deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.


When a naïve online ghost hunting team attempt to banish an evil entity, a cam-girl obsessed I.T. guy, David Edison, gets possessed by Asmodeus, the demon of lust, who unleashes supernatural havoc by harassing women online and destroying David’s life in the process.

UK Digital trailer for Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.


Richard the Lionheart faces an impossible choice between true love and the crown, in this historical action epic starring Lord of the Rings’ John Rhys-Davies.

Days away from his coronation, a secret meeting with the woman he loves turns into a life and death fight for survival for the future King of England, Richard the Lionheart. Ambushed by hired mercenaries, and with the identity of the man who ordered his murder a mystery, Richard is left with no allies he can trust. Standing alone as civil war looms, with his kingdom on the brink of chaos, the young prince is forced to face not only his enemies but the harsh responsibilities of leadership. Will he choose to fight for his crown, or his love for a commoner?

From BAFTA-award winner Stuart Brennan, and Golden Globe winning Producer Gareth Wiley (MatchPoint, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), this impressive action epic, features a high profile cast including John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), Carolina Carlsson (The Young Pope), Ryan Gage (The Hobbit) and Ian Hanmore (Game of Thrones).

Original trailer scripted, edited and titles in house at GVFilm Limited.
5.1 audio deliverables by JD Evans at Soundmonger.

Kingslayer is out in the UK on Digital September 26.

Arrow Video August 2022

This August, fight for your life with raw, visceral thrills plus animals attack and bare-knuckle beat-down collections. The latest trailer for the digital Arrow channel showcasing cult, indie, horror and action movies.