In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds

Dolph Lundgren is a hero here at GVFilm. And our trailer for the medieval, time warp, action adventure ‘In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds’ has him doing what Dolph does best. Kick ass ! Catch it on DVD and Blu-ray from Arrow Films.


Zombie 108

Time for more horror at GVFilm.  This time for Showbox Entertainment’s release of the horrific and action packed, ‘Zombie 108’ on DVD.

Salvation Boulevard

We are going International again for EOne with another round of trailers for France, Germany and beyond.

This time James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan as a slimy preacher in a comedy of errors.

Check out the  release here on Amazon.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One

During this years Mother’s day weekend several different agencies and companies, came together to produce a Digital Out Of Home Integrated Social Media Campaign for EOne’s Home Entertainment release of the blockbuster Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One.

It saw the ‘Glow’ screen at Blue-water (operated by media and screen owner Ram Vision),  being dominated by Breaking Dawn; announcing its availability, highlighting the trailer and pack shots and sending passers-by to the HMV store within the centre. Beyond that, shoppers were encouraged to send tweets to their mums through the screen, which showed the messages in real time over the weekend.

GVFilm’s Jeremy Shaw notes, “GVFilm has always had a great time working on Entertainment One licences as they are committed to creating the best promotional activity for their titles. Naturally when asked to produce an exciting and eye catching campaign for, ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’, we turned to our friends at GrandVisual who have an incredible track record with innovative OOH campaigns.’”

Online industry entertainment site, ‘The Raygun’ wrote about the campaign on this link.

The Video can be seen here

Rival Sons

At GVFilm we occasionally take a break from producing film materials. This week we were asked by our friends at Earache Records to edit a trailer for breakthrough Rock band ‘Rival Sons’ new CD/DVD release ‘Pressure & Time’.

Distributed by the the legendary UK label ‘Earache’, the original album rocked the charts worldwide and scored highly 
in many ‘Album of the Year’ polls in 2011.

To celebrate its success. ‘Pressure & Time’ is being released as a limited edition CD with a bonus DVD of live material
 and GVFilm were on hand to produce a suitably in your face promo showing the band at its very best.

Haven Series 2

We have just completed work on an International TV spot for the hit series Haven which is currently showing on the SyFy Channel. The Season 2 Box set will hit the shelves in France and Germany courtesy of distributor EOne. This series of Haven sees the seven biblical plagues smite the small town alongside numerous supernatural occurrences. Whilst Audrey (Emily Rose) with partner Nathan (Lucas Bryant) struggles to keep control of the situation and unravel more of the towns secrets that are intrinsically wrapped up with her own mysterious past. Catch the spot here:

Haven TV Spot on

Epson 3D Projector

GVFilm Founder and Director, Jeremy Shaw recently lent an expert editing hand to Michael Lindsay of 3D Production experts Pointy Stick, who were commissioned to create HD 3D promotional videos for the release of Epson’s 3D projector.

The concept involved a high speed, HD 3D shoot highlighting Epson’s sponsorship of Manchester United Football Club.

The edit was our first in HD 3D, testing out new beta AVID Media Composer software.

The resulting video, and ‘behind the scenes’ video can be seen below.

You may recognise the music playing in the behind the scenes video by Rival Sons courtesy of our friends at Earache records.

Red State

GVFilm have completed a TVC campaign for the EOne release of ‘Red State’ on DVD and Blu-ray.

Directed by Kevin Smith, Red State is set in Middle America and sees a group of teens enticed by a promise of an exciting sexual encounter only to discover they have been tricked by fundamentalists with a more sinister agenda.

Strippers V Werewolves

Here at GVFilm we can’t resist a catchy genre title!

Horror legend Robert Englund joins Adele Silver, Martin Kemp, Steven Berkoff and Barbara Nedelijakova in an eclectic cast in this fun, thrilling, horror romp!

The film has garnered a lot of interest and the trailer premiered on the front page of The Sun Online.

Battle Of The Pacific

Arrow Films recently turned to GVFILM to create a UK re-version of a trailer for ‘Oba: The Last Samurai’, now re-named ‘Battle of the Pacific’. GVFilm re-edited in HD, added new graphics and titles and commissioned an all new music track from ace composers at Radial TV.

We also created idents and TV Spots for sponsorship on the National Geographic Channel.

A film based on real events at the end of WW2. The story focuses on Sakae Oba, a tenacious Japanese Captain nicknamed the Fox of Saipan and his loyalist soldiers’ continued use of guerrilla tactics against the might of the US army despite the Emperor having already surrendered. A beautiful study of Japanese psyche in the face of unthinkable defeat.